Why I’m Running for Ann Arbor’s City Council (Fifth Ward)

Why am I running for City Council again?  Because Ann Arbor is my home town, and I care about it.  I want Ann Arbor to continue to be a good place to live, regardless of your age and income level.  I want all the qualities of a healthy, resilient community.  I want a city that is supportive of its residents, with (better than barely adequate) services delivered at reasonable cost.  I want to see a thriving economy that supports local business.

I first ran for Council in 2008 because I was concerned about certain trends (specific policy directions) that I believed would harm Ann Arbor’s quality of life and community, and burden us with debt.  Some of those trends have worked themselves out with time (and citizen action), and we are literally paying for some of the others.  There are a number of important decisions yet to be made in the future. They will help determine what kind of city we live in.

The current incumbent, Carsten Hohnke, has announced that he will not run for re-election. I want to give Fifth Ward voters a choice, not only about what person will fill this open seat, but about the direction that our city will take in the future.  I hope that the campaign will be an opportunity to discuss  current issues and also the picture (or vision, if you will) of what we want Ann Arbor to be.

In future posts, I will begin to address some of the main thrusts of the campaign.

I have written about some of these issues in my blog, Local in Ann Arbor.

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