That’s All She Wrote

Well, the election is over and I lost.  See the Ann Arbor Chronicle’s summary here.

There are always a lot of opportunities for second-guessing after a campaign, and I’ll admit that I hoped it would at least be a little closer (I had 1320 votes out of 3029, or 43.5%).  There are a few obvious answers.

1. My opponent, Chuck Warpehoski, was simply a very credible candidate, well-spoken with a previous public presence, and an attractive young family.

2. He garnered not only many political endorsements but those of many respected citizens.

3. He is exactly half my age (34 to my 68), which is a great advantage in door-to-door as well as presence.

4. In what is now known to be the hottest July on record, he and his surrogates managed an effective door-to-door campaign.  I attempted to visit doors but was undone by temperatures in the 90s, which I don’t tolerate well

5. There was also a last-minute “bomb” of postcards and doorhangers from his campaign, professionally produced.   They featured, largely, his endorsement list.

I think beyond all those, it was simply that his message was better received.  Though he kept it very vague and often seemed to mirror many of the themes I began the campaign with, he clearly is of the vision of Ann Arbor as a center for economic development in a regional economy.  I stressed the local community and its needs. I suspect that many young professionals found that his message, which promises more opportunity, resonated with their own hopes for the future.

I didn’t expect to run for office again but this effort had certain rewards.  One is that I became much more familiar with a wide range of current issues affecting the city.  I’ll have to take these into account as I return to being simply a blogger.  Another is that I got to work with a wonderful group of supporters who gave of themselves in astounding proportions.  It made me remember again why I love Ann Arbor.  It’s the people.

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