It’s All About Politics

As anyone who reads online comments knows, I don’t seem to be able to stay out of politics and I have lots of opinions.  I also have an issues blog, on which I discuss local issues – but I find I am increasingly reluctant to use this to wade in on local political fights.  I’d like to keep Local in Ann Arbor as a thoughtful discussion of issues at the policy and data levels.

On the other hand, there are some current issues that merit discussion on the sheerly political level, or which will pass quickly (a current Council vote, for example) and don’t belong in a blog that looks at the longer-term policy questions.

It came into focus for me when I had to decide whether to renew the domain name for this blog.  (Do you really want anyone else to own  As the title I gave this blog when I ran for Council last year says, “Ann Arbor – It’s Where We Live.”  That’s really what this is going to be about.  It’ll be where I get to vent about the politics of the moment.

Please note – this is NOT an announcement that I’m getting back into electoral politics (for myself).  I’m leaving the old election material up for the time being as an archive.  No donations, please.

Watch this space.

One Comment on “It’s All About Politics”

  1. Looking forward to your posts. Always informative.

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