Political Update

I promised more political posts, but lost enthusiasm for that task.

Here is a current post on my issues blog about the November 2013 election: Partisan Labels and Ann Arbor Politics.

As I note in one of the updates, it is clear that the newly adult generation (often called the Millennials) is beginning to flex their muscles.  They want to be in on the action.  I predict that this is going to cause some waves in Ann Arbor politics in the next few years.

4 Comments on “Political Update”

  1. jean henry says:

    Most of the people on the linked Mark Maynard post are well over 30. I’m 48, an Ann Arbor resident for 30 years, an OWS homeowner for 25. Please don’t assume all progressives who use social media are Millenials. Most millenials I know are not tuned into local politics.

    • varmentrout says:

      Thanks for commenting – no, I don’t assume that all social network users are Millennials. My comment is really based on a number of observations, including the supporters of the Chip Smith write-in campaign. I’m seeing some political winds blowing.

      Sometime I want to write a post on the label “progressive” and what it means. I think it is being misused in some of the current political discourse. But not today.

  2. jeanchenry says:

    Almost everyone I know active in Chip Smith’s campaign is just around my age–48. If there are young people engaged that may have to do with the local chapter of 350.org. Counsel rejected a divestment proposal put forward by 350 via the ecology center. Millenials certainly understand that we need to prepare for a very different future– one that actively addresses and anticipates climate change. Every poster who made their identities known on the linked Mark Maynard blog and its internal FB post was well over 30.

    • varmentrout says:

      You are raising an interesting point. Actually, I’m not too hung up (personally) on the Millennial tag. It is simply being used a great deal now. You caused me to look it up, however. Here is Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Millennials which places the birthdate for that generation at about 1980, which would place the oldest at their mid-30s.

      So late 40s would place you and your cohort in the so-called Gen X. From my viewpoint that doesn’t change much about my observation that some generational winds are blowing and that a younger group is standing up to assert some political muscle. (I myself am OLDER than the boomers – I remember those troublesome baby boomers when they flooded my elementary school.)

      As far as climate change – I’ve been worrying about that stuff since the 1970s and I’ve always tried to keep a small footprint. Don’t assume that because people differ on details of implementation that they are not on the same page of an issue.

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